Midlife crisis? Menopause? I am changing my name and turning orange! Who am I? Who was I? Where is the part of me I lost along the way? Where is the rest of me I wish to find? Is this…waiting to die in this one-dimensional life of the suburbs? Yoga, weekend retreats, meditation, journaling, yes I did it all (and still do!), but what changed everything for me was turning orange!

midlife-crisis-menopauseIn 2014 I graduated as a Professional Certified Coach from New Ventures West. All gung-ho I stepped into this new ‘coaching space’ and a place where I had previously been a school counsellor and teacher, now morphed into ‘Roots & Wings Coaching’ where parents, teachers and teens were empowered with just that – roots & wings! Have you heard the saying ‘what you say you become’? Now try saying ‘roots & wings’ many times a day and see what happens! Yes, my business served me beautifully. Through my journey with all my clients I was forced to face my demons, learn my lessons, grow deep roots of my own and to grow wings….so much so that, at the start of this year, I realised that my wings had outgrown my business and I no longer fitted into that box. Frantic panic as I tried everything to fit my new way of working – deeply and intuitively – into the Roots & Wings mould, but it just wouldn’t fit!!! Bloody uncomfortable for sure!

Intervene Universe and voila! There was branding and packaging guru Todd Anderson, willing to do a branding for coaching exchange with me. I would give him business coaching and in exchange, he would rebrand my business for me! What a win-win, as to how else can I explain what I do, other than by just letting Todd experience my work for himself! So we got going and after Todd’s first coaching session, he gave me the biggest insight ‘Lindsy, you are not just a coach, you make the invisible visible AND you are orange!’

As I mentioned, what you say you become, so I guess I am an orange magician?! Haha….
After more elaboration from Todd, he went about explaining what orange stood for in design – creativity, enthusiasm, positive energy, success, happiness, determination and ‘yes please’ I responded, ‘I’ll own that’!
I took Todd’s words to heart and for a few weeks wore my bright orange scarf and ate many carrots and oranges! I tried orange on and lived into this colour and yes, discovered I AM ORANGE! I love it and it has given me permission to just be me and be orange.

Subsequently, I rebrand as me, orange me! The past me, Lindsy Carter, the present me Lindsy Bolus and both of those all wrapped into one as I step into my future as all of me, me, me – Lindsy Carter-Bolus.

Still, I do the work I have always done, yet without the box. I have the degrees, certifications and years of experience behind my name, but to add to this I am now owning and trusting my ‘orange’ and through this, my ideal clients find me and the magic unfolds as we work from a place of deep authenticity, intuition and trust in order for them to do great things!