Every coaching relationship is unique and has an energy and dynamism of it’s own, the most important ingredient for me though, is connection! It is that ‘knowing feeling’ after our first interaction, that ‘yes, let’s do great things together’ that cements the start of a fabulous journey!

How do you know if the coaching process is right for YOU though?

This coaching process is for you if:

  • You are serious about gaining that x-factor
  • You are committed to doing the work
  • You are prepared to feel uncomfortable
  • You have the grit to step into the arena
  • You are able to reflect on challenging questions
  • You do the work between sessions

This coaching process is NOT for you if:

  • You expect me to fix your problems
  • You are not prepared to show up fully
  • Think you can throw money at the problem and it will go away
  • You are not committed to the process
  • You do not have the tenacity to see the process through

What you will gain from the coaching process:

  • Specific outcomes we have identified that you would like to achieve in various areas of your life
  • An intangible X-Factor that will take you to and keep you in the next level
  • A new reality
  • Freedom from any blocks/challenges holding you back
  • Ability to self regulate through future challenges
  • Clear understanding of your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • Insight on who you really are and how to use your unique power

What type of people work with me?

Aaaah, ALL types! The one defining factor is that they are wanting to step into their greatness and are prepared to dig deep and to do the work.

Here are a few examples:

  • Award winning designer and business owner wanting to take his business to the next level. Meet Todd Anderson
  • Specialist Doctor, gaining coaching benefits in both personal and business realms. Meet Natalia Novikova 
  • Organizational leader prepared to dig deep, to grow and to lean into his strengths. Meet Stuart West 
  • Executive director going through career transition. Meet Louise Driver
  • High-performing CA and MBA graduate seeking to become a better version of himself. Meet Gilliam Sweigers 
  • Dynamic Dr and MBA graduate needing to make a life or career change. Meet Andrea Hugget 
  • Inspirational young adult in search of clarity. Meet Kelly Scott