Hi, I’m Lindsy

Meet Lindsy

As an experienced Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and teacher, I committed to you getting results. 2020 has been a year like no other and it is has turned our lives upside down and inside out on so many levels. My online coaching and courses provide the key to moving you through the pandemic and into your new reality. Mother of three, trail running junkie, with over 25 years of experience in the field of education and coaching and I would love to work with you. Education has always been part of my make-up; from serving as Head of Department, at top academic senior schools in South Africa, and teaching internationally in Kyrgyzstan and the UK, to leading groups of teens on scuba diving trips to Seychelles and on climbing expeditions to the summit of Kilimanjaro…it is in my blood! However, as I have grown in a personal capacity, and challenged myself physically, by completing endurance events such as the full Iron Man triathlon and the Comrades marathon, I have discovered that the greatest adventure is the journey within and subsequently my career path led to me graduating as a Professional Certified Coach (New Ventures West, USA, 2014). Since then I have used my unique skill set of educator and executive coach, together with all my years of life experience, to run my own coaching business, where I have helped hundreds of individuals from CEOs to students, teenagers to teachers and millionaires to moms transform their lives and do great things.

It is a privilege doing the work I do, not only in the support of my clients as they transition from good to great, but also in the receiving of the life lessons that each client has gifted me on my own journey. Over the years I have been challenged and stretched on so many levels, and ‘yes’ it is bloody uncomfortable, but what I initially resisted and then fought, now defines who I am and how I work, as it is in this ‘comfort of the uncomfort-zone’, that the breakthroughs happen and the growth takes place!

Sure, I have the degrees, certifications and years of experience behind my name, but what makes my style of coaching unique is that I have learnt to trust my intuition and to lean into the uncomfortable. My ideal clients find me and the magic unfolds as we work from a place of courage and deep authenticity in order for them to do great things! Step into your power.

We are not going ‘back to normal’, instead we are going forward into a new reality.

YOU have the ability to create your new story and to choose how you show up TODAY!

Let’s Work Together

She pushed me compassionately hard to face my leadership doubts and strengths, and then helped me to scaffold personal and practical steps to become the leader I aspired to be.

Stuart West, Head of Herschel Girls’ School

I felt at ease to discuss anything with Lindsy and would recommend her one-on-one coaching skills to anyone aiming for the greatest version of him or herself.

Gilliam Swiegers, Gilliam Swiegers CA(SA), MBA

Lindsy helped me to streamline my objectives, pushed me further as a leader and equipped me with practical tools that I now employ within the day to day running of my design business.

Todd Anderson, Founder/Creative Director – Todd Anderson Design

Lindsy helped me [make a difficult decision]… I would highly recommend Lindsy to anyone trying to unlock the solutions they hold inside.

Andrea Huggett, Medical Doctor / MBA Graduate / stay-at-home mom

No matter what one’s area of focus/industry is, Lindsy is quick to grasp the nuances and what it will take for you to flourish in that space. She will then work with you to get you to your next level of greatness!

Nicky Steel, Strategic Consultant and Small Business Owner

Stepping into the role of Principal was unknown territory for me … I came away from each coaching session with self-awareness, a clear action plan and a greater self-confidence in my own ability to lead!

Lorette de la Bat, Principal of Oakhurst Girls’ Primary School

In my formative 20s – when I was discovering myself, [by working with Lindsy] I was able to see a clearer journey ahead and then action the necessary change.

Kelly Scott, RD(SA), MPH, Independent Public Health Nutrition Consultant

I was feeling stuck in my business and family life. Within a few sessions I reconnected with my intuition, created space for myself (literally and figuratively!), gained clarity and reclaimed me.

Helen Nankin, Interiors Designer, Owner of Groenhof Design

I went ‘totally outside my comfort zone’ on many occasions but it felt safe to do so with Lindsy at the helm and I came through the other side relatively unscathed and much stronger. Personal life and business life require great commitment and hard work.

Charlotte Beach, Business owner & Property Investor

My greatest insight is that I am a ‘human being’ NOT a ‘human doing’.

Dr Natalia Novikova, Specialist Doctor in Private Practice