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Online Courses!

Bespoke Courses & Coaching Groups for Striving through COVID!

These are once-off, bespoke courses and support groups that are aligned with current events and trends, such as the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

Matric Edge 2020

Hey Matrics, this year can still be rescued and is still yours to own! Your rite of passage has been turned on its head and it is 100% normal to feel sad, frustrated, angry, lost (...and a whole lot of swear words added here too!), but it is what YOU CHOOSE to do with this that matters now! It is how you move forward from this point.

Navigating Parenthood Through the Pandemic

Hey, parents - I hear you! It was all so sorted; the kids were settled at school and we were all doing our thing as usual, and then just like that, life as we know it has been turned on its head! What is real, what is not? What about their future? Who must I believe? Where is the pandemic-parenting-manual? When is all of this going back to normal?

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Greatness?

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